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Building together

Women Who Crypto was founded with the intention to build a community that encourages sector participation and career development in the crypto industry. Together, we are working towards a more gender equitable industry, through crypto literacy, social events, and leadership.

Growing together

Women Who Crypto’s goal is to create a space for women to grow together and learn from each other. Our community gives female members a chance to change their lives by gaining access to knowledge, resources, and support from other like-minded individuals.

Leading the revolution

We are incorporated as a charity and working to set ourselves up as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) – leading the decentralised revolution.

Founded by

Women Who Crypto is run by a team of amazing volunteers


Crypto for women,
by women!

Women Who Crypto is a community that encourages women to learn about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, trading, and entrepreneurship. We believe that the industry will change the world we live in, and there is an opportunity for women to be at the forefront of the revolution. We want to help women build the necessary skills to enter the industry with confidence and equality.

Draw inspiration from a selection of women working across the globe in the crypto industry!

Browse stories of the women who are shaping the crypto industry, who are working in a variety of functions.

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From entry level to senior leadership -
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Women Who Crypto aims to encourage more women to participate at every level of the industry. Browse open opportunities from our corporate partners and reach your potential with an exciting new opportunity in a revolutionary industry!
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Women Who Crypto is a global, female community with a mission to promote gender diversity in the crypto world. We educate participants about opportunities available in the industry to promote social and financial inclusion. Join our effort to revolutionize the crypto industry by bringing 25% women into the fold as investors and colleagues by 2025.

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